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Corporate social responsibility: Being a company loved by residents.


Corporate social responsibility: Being a company loved by residents.


First, we have installed high-quality soundproofing materials and noise-reducing glass to minimize noise levels to the greatest extent possible. Secondly, we use eco-friendly plastics and packaging, and all emissions are treated to meet environmental standards before being released. Additionally, we have increased greenery around our factory and created small gardens where residents can relax and unwind, fostering a healthier and more pleasant environment.

These initiatives have not only improved environmental quality but have also strengthened the bond between the factory and the community. Nowadays, residents do not get away from our factory; instead, they enjoy walking around it, taking advantage of the green spaces. They also actively participate in community events and gatherings that we regularly organize, celebrating the harmonious relationship we have cultivated.

We are proud to be a factory that the community loves. This favorable relationship not only supports our sustainable growth but also contributes positively to environmental conservation. We are committed to continuing our efforts to further enhance our environmental standards and community engagement, benefiting more people in the process.